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The last few months I’ve been taking time away from everything. Social Media has been something I use lightly, with Facebook being eliminated entirely. Reddit i’ve used only to read to fall asleep. Mostly I’ve been either taking in media or creating it. Writing quite a bit, personal items, big items, little things. Mostly, however, I’ve been being a dad. I missed much of the first few months of his life because i was working out of the country for an extended period in Dubai City, Dubai. But that’s it’s own post.

Being a dad has been incredible. Little Dexter is a ball of happiness, and he looks frighteningly like me. His goofy big smile is all I need in the morning and as I start to get myself back onto steady ground it’s all I need to smile myself. It’s amazing how much a little kid can change you. All the bullshit is true, everything everyone says.

But onto less sappy things. This new blog I’ll be using to update with writings, thoughts, reviews, and random bits. I get asked enough about all of it, so I figured I’d get ahead of the curve as much as possible.

So ask questions on Curious Cat, email me things, or whatever. We will see what there is out there.