Brooks Brown

Unique events build unique people

My Story

I am both lucky and humbled to be able do what I have done.

  • Drink tequila with James Cameron
  • Design videogames for Avatar
  • Run all of LucasArts community efforts
  • Get Star Wars on social media
  • Bring Lucasfilm to the cloud
  • Voice Star Wars Characters
  • Push WETA to use Unreal
  • Build a kid-friendly MMO
  • Negotiate contracts for Fox
  • Change Virtual Reality as a medium
  • Build the world’s largest VR park
  • Develop IMAXVR
  • Direct a dozen VR projects
  • Win Tribeca Film Festival
  • Win a Lumiere and a Webby award

But. These are career moments. The story is actually a bit more interesting.

You’ll never know why you exist, but you’ll always allow yourselves to be easily persuaded to take life seriously.

Tristan Tzara
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